Retention Bundle 2:


1 sec adhesive: 45$
Lash primer 30$
Lash bonder 35$
Bundle deal: 75$ for all 3 products.

Kemlash retention bundle 1 5 ml adhesive. Our adhesives work in humidity ranging from 20-80% humidity. We offer two adhesives, a one second drying time and a 3 second drying time. We recommend the 3 second drying time for beginners. Our one second adhesive has a bond hold of up to 8 weeks and does not smoke when it touches cotton or paper. The 3 second adhesive hold is up to 6 weeks. Both are resistant against water and oil once completely dried. Lash primer This primer works very well on all skin types and is hypoallergenic. It removes makeup residue, proteins and oils from the hair in order for adhesive to bond to the clients lashes without resistants




Adhesive bonder: Our adhesive bonder is a game changer. For warmer temperatures, oily clients abs clients with poor retention, this product can be used right after your lash primer in order to improve bonding of adhesive. It is also recommended for use after lash application to reduce adhesive fumes, and cure the adhesive bond. No nano mist needed. This bonder also reduces the whitening effect from wet lashes.




With this three step process and proper lash application, you will see a drastic increase in retention, up to 63% improvement. Add the lash bath For only 11$ more when you purchase the retention bundle


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